Half Life HEV suit cosplay commission.
Bradley morgan johnson hev suit case render wip 3

Presentation render comp

Bradley morgan johnson final frnt


Bradley morgan johnson final 3qtr

front 3qtr

Bradley morgan johnson final side


Bradley morgan johnson final back


Bradley morgan johnson final scrn grab

Z Brush screen grab

Half Life HEV suit cosplay commission.

Cosplay commission to recreate a custom Half Life 'H.E.V' suit for 3D printing. The client will 3D print and hand render the hard surface parts to complete the costume. It was a cool project to work on being an old school Half Life fan! For this design the client specified a mix of MKI & MKII suits to suit their own requirements. It was also custom tailored to the clients body shape.

Here you can see a mock up render and turn around views.

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