Star Trek Discovery, Deep space suit Concept Development

Bradley morgan johnson startrek shots mstr frnt back

Front & Back shots

Bradley morgan johnson boots wip 2nd dec full body lo res

Released artwork for deep space suit

Bradley morgan johnson scrn grab soniqua

prop on set screen grab

Bradley morgan johnson startrek shots mstr legs01

Close up of the boots I concepted and developed through to 3D print for the final props!

Bradley morgan johnson display graphic model

My Early work used for the display CG ;D

Bradley morgan johnson startrek shots mstr grnscreen01

My early model being used for the pre visualisation animatic.

Bradley morgan johnson startrek shots mstr grnscreen02

Green screen shots from the making of

Bradley morgan johnson suit dev pre scan data

Early Z Brush blockk out, pbr renders

After the CBS prop teaser was recently released I was more than pleased to see one of the many development images I produced whilst working on Star Trek Discovery at FBFX prop house. You can’t see the features on the CBS site outside of the United States so it was great to find and watch it on you tube, skip to 2min to see my work amongst the other amazing props for the upcoming show:
It’s been amazing to see the project I worked on come to life and I can’t wait to see the episode premier next week (Mon 25th Sept on Netflix).
The artwork featured was around mid-way through 3D development just before the lead was cast for the role. It shows my interpretation of the supplied 2D concept art which I had the honour of blocking out and developing in Z Brush. The body head and shoulders went on to the rest of the team for model making and final cad whilst I continued to concept the arm, harness and leg accessories.
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